Dave W.

Wex has been answering trivia questions for a very long time with nothing to show for it except a bunch of free drinks.  Wait a second–that’s awesome!  So awesome, in fact, that he’s now proud to be giving those opportunities to turn their bevvy of useless knowledge into the most useful of pursuits: alcohol.

Wex started accumulating that font of useless knowledge in Connecticut where he grew up, then at Tufts University outside Boston before moving to New York to get a MA in Cinema Studies from NYU. Now with over a decade in New York, he’s proud to say that all that movie knowledge he gained in grad school has had a particularly good effect on his trivia-answering, beer-earning ways. All the Ultimate Frisbee he plays has also given him more fun reasons to drink and celebrate over the years, and even if it doesn’t help with trivia so much, he’ll never give that up.
He’s really excited to hop to the other side of the podium and start asking some trivia questions instead of just answering them, especially with the fine crew at NYC Trivia League.