The League

NYC Trivia League is an entertainment company that has been providing quality bar trivia in NYC for the past 6 years.  We felt that there needed to be a way that teams can see who the smartest trivia squad is in New York.  The league allows teams to compete in a season format against not only all teams they compete against at a single venue, but rather at every trivia bar in NYC (or at least every bar we host at).

The League’s main focus is an 9-week competition in which teams compete for both weekly and season long prizes and put their random knowledge to use. NYC Trivia League entertains hundreds of teams each week and thousands over the course of a season.

Time Out NY listed NYC Trivia League as one of the top 5 “least athletic leagues” you can join in New York.


Everything you need to know about Trivia League

1) Free to play – Whether for one week or full season registration, you never pay a dime to play.  A season is 9 weeks long where we will take the highest 8 weeks of scores.

2) Any team can win nightly prizes, but only registered teams can win the league’s grand prize. Register your team for our current season, right here, right now.  There are also various other prizes awarded throughout the season to registered players.

3) A team consists of up to 6 people at an event. You can have reserves, but never more than 6 players at one event. Make sure you use your registered team name at each event, or if you use a different name let the host know your registered name so your score is recorded.

4) Scoring – You can score points at ANY of our host bars and you can attended MULTIPLE bars each week, with your highest score that week counting towards your season score. A perfect score for the night is 100. Your score is comprised of the number questions you get correct, the number of teams you beat, and what place you finish.  Please see below for a detailed explanation of the scoring system.

5) A trivia night typically last about two hours.  It is comprised of 5 rounds of 10 questions in each round.  Rounds have ranged from European history to cartoons that don’t wear pants.  Most trivia events include a music round and a picture round.

6) There are only 4 Rules you need to follow while playing trivia at one of our venues. Number 1 is no shouting out the answers.  Number 2 is no cell phones.  Number 3 is no whining. and Number 4 is if at any point in the evening we ask a question that is too easy, we ask that you simply raise your glass in the air and say social.  You then drink because this is meant to be a social, fun event.

7) This is for fun. This isn’t school. We want you to enjoy the trivia, enjoy the competition, and enjoy some drinks.


Scoring –

The best a team can do is to score a 100 for the night. Your score is made up of three key concepts.

•  The number of questions answered correctly during Trivia. This is based on a 50-point scale

• The place in which you finish compared to the other teams.

•  The number of teams that you defeat. We can call this your “notches” score.

In a given trivia night you can receive up to 50 points based solely on correctly answered questions.

We then award a max of 35 points based on how well you place according to this scale:

·       35 for 1st place

·       30 for 2nd place

·       20 for 3rd place

·       15 for 4-6

·       10 – 7-10

For the remaining 15 points, your “Notches” score:

·       Defeating 20+ teams = 15 points

·       15-19 = 12 points

·       10-14 = 9 points

·       6-9 = 6 points

·       5 = 5, 4=4, 3=3, 2=2, 1=1

You can attend as many trivia nights a week as you would like, however we will take an average of all the teams scores from that week..