Pub trivia is the perfect, low-cost — and fun! — way to increase business on a slower night that reaches out to new clientele, transforming new customers into regular patrons. Plus, the trivia market is currently booming, and bar clientele is clamoring for more pub quiz nights in New York City.

Our competitive nature encourages teams to bring friends in order to help them win! We promote a 10-12 week-long season taking place at all our venues, allowing teams from different bars to play against one another. Each season, we have over 600 teams playing across the city, and every season culminates in a 3-hour LIVE event — The King’s Cup — where we invite the best 50 teams and they play for thousands in prizes, ticket giveaways, and other great swag from bar sponsorships.

We have the largest trivia network in NYC: over 95 bars. But unlike most trivia nights and leagues, we do not charge players a fee. It’s as simple as this: it will always free to play. The result of this that money goes directly to the bar. And if a team misses their regular night, we promote all bars in our league, so that they can catch up on a missed night.

We provide 50 new questions of trivia each night, including music rounds and picture rounds PLUS custom rounds based on upcoming events in the calendar year: holidays, sporting events, or other pop culture current events. We will work with your bar to make sure you have the best trivia night for the bar-environment you have cultivated.

A trivia company backed by PlayNYC, local sports league company based right here in New York City. Our team of charismatic, outgoing hosts is dedicated to the growth and success of your business. We use social media and multiple websites as online advertising through outreach, in addition to our digital mailing list. And most importantly, your bar gets a fun night of drinking, laughs, and great trivia!


If you’re interested in booking a Weekly Trivia Night at your bar or restaurant, please email

and we will make it happen for you!