NYC Trivia League allows teams to compete in a season format, not only against all teams competing at their home venue, but also against every other league team playing across our 80-bar network.

It’s Free!

Plain and simple: it doesn’t cost you a dime to play, and every bar we host at offers great prizes to the top teams. Additionally, it’s free to join our league. Teams compete for thousands of dollars at our season-end King’s Cup: Trivia Tournament of Champions, so what is there to lose?

Team Size:

Six players is the sweet spot. Six or fewer people on a team? Amazing. Do you have more than six people on your team? Split up into two teams and play against your friends for bragging rights and possibly the bar’s nightly prizes.


Each trivia night or event has six rounds, 8-10 questions each round, and each question is worth a point, for a possible point total of 50 at the end of the night — no betting, no wagering. Rounds have ranged from European history to cartoons that don’t wear pants.  Most trivia nights include a music round and a picture round.

It’s Simple:

Rules: 1) No cell phones. No Shazam. No Google.  No Bing. If we catch you cheating, you will be disqualified. 2) Don’t shout out the answer. It’s free to play, so why not grab an answer sheet from your trivia host? Please just keep the answers to yourself. 3) Your trivia host has the final say.

League Rules:

League teams can score points at ANY of our bars, and you can attended MULTIPLE bars each week, with your highest score that week counting towards your season score. Registering for NYC Trivia League is free, and your team can also compete for thousands in prizes at each of The King’s Cup: Trivia Tournament of Champions.

Currently, your nightly trivia game is out of 50 points. Your weekly League Score will now be out of 100 points, as we have added weekly and daily bonus points.

The way that this will work is for Daily Bonus Points The Commissioner will award points to the top 25 teams that played on each day during that week. Example: If your played on a Monday and you had a high score, you would receive some bonus points. The Top 10 teams of each day will get 5 bonus points and the next 15 will receive 3 bonus points. The Weekly Bonus Points work much the same but instead of the Top 25 for the week it will be the Top 50. The Top 25 of the week will receive 10 bonus points and the next 25 will receive 5 bonus points. This means that if you had a great week, you could get 15 bonus points added to your score.

So to get to 100, The Commish takes your base score (say you had a killer trivia night and got 50/50). I then multiply that number (50/50) by 85. Why 85? Well, since your league score is out of 100 and there are 15 bonus points available, this leaves a remainder of 85. So The Commish multiplies your score as a fraction against 85 to create a number out of 100 and apply the extra 15 available points if you happen to grab them. So in the above example, 50/50 times 85 is 85 plus the additional 15 gets us 100.

If you have any more questions on how we calculate your scores, please email Thank you!