End of Season 30 Recap

What To Watch For!

Hey Trivia Teams!

If you are curious, Standings have been updated through Monday and Tuesday’s trivia nights. We are just waiting on the scores for Fools Gold in the downtown division. There were some really fun developments and a few potential heartbreakers. Moist Ointment lost for the first time all season at their home bar while reigning champ We Drink and We Know Things (Manhattan) utilized the score replacement opportunity on Sunday and moved up to a tie for first. Jaime Dodgers had a huge night at Alewife and moved up to #5 in Queens (previously were on the outside at #7). Queens looks to be the division that is most likely to come down to the wire as Foxy Brown for Congress didn’t play last night but still have an open slot for Week 8. Halseys and Sunswick teams are looming as well. There may also be some movement in the Uptown division as Grill On the Hill happens tonight.
A few reminders:
November 5th Finals
Finals are November 5th at Flatiron Hall, starting at 6:00. We are taking the top 6 teams in each divison. If one of those teams can’t make it, the next team in the overall ranking will get an invitation. So the current #1 alternate is The Blue Shells.
  • If you are currently a qualifying team, please let me know if you plan on coming
  • We will strictly enforce the roster cap of 6 at finals
  • Finals will be 8 rounds, Bonus points will be awarded based on your divisional standings
  • Winner of the Finals will be the official Season 30 Champion
This Week’s Remaining Opportunties
If you played Monday or Tuesday but didn’t do as well as you wanted, you can try to get another Week 8 score in that would replace your current week 8 score. You also have the opportunity to play at our new Brooklyn Venue The Well @ 8:00, to replace any score from a previous week (even a 0). If you want to play at The Well, you need to respond to this email and let me know what week you want to replace.  Here is a rundown of remaining nights in the season.
  • New York Beer Company – Midtown – 8:00
  • The Rochard – Upper East Side – 9:30 (NEW VENUE!!!)
  • The Well – Bushwick – 8:00 (Score Replacement)
  • Katch – Astoria – 8:00
  • Sunswick – Astoria – 8:00
  • The Brew Inn – Greenpoint – 8:00
  • Emerald Inn – Upper West Side – 8:00
  • Grill On the Hill – Harlem – 8:00
  • Bia – Long Island City – 8:00
  • Mercury Bar East – Midtown – 8:00
  • Nelly Spillanes – Midtown – 8:00
  • Phoenix – East Village – 8:00
  • Bohemian Hall – Astoria – 8:00
  • Halseys – Astoria – 8:00
Next Season
If you want to sign up for Season 31, you can simply respond to this email with the following information.
  • Current Team Name
  • New Team Name (If applicable)
  • Captain’s Email
  • Co-Captain’s Email
  • Home Bar
Season 31 will run from November 6th to January 7th. It is a 9 week season, but given the holidays, we will take your top 7 scores and will offer score replacement opportunities during the final week. We are likely to add 5 new venues and are looking to split Queens and Uptown into two divisions.
Thanks for being a part of Season 30!