Season 31 Is Wrapping Up!

We've got one week left!

Hello Trivia Teams! 

We over here at NYC Trivia League hope that you’ve had great holidays, and have found yourself bundled up during this aptly-named “Bomb Cyclone.”

We are heading into Week 10 of Season 31. This season has been running since November 6th, and we can’t thank you enough for coming out every week to share your time with us.

New Weekly Venues

We are launching nine new venues throughout the month of January. Click or tap the bar name for more info, and stop in and give these great bars a try:

Mondays, 7pm
The Sandwich Bar – Astoria
Wednesdays, 8pm
The Twenty Bar – Williamsburg
Thursdays, 8pm
SideBAR – East Village
Tuesdays, 8pm
**JOIN US for Themed Trivia Nights every Tuesday.
January 9th’s theme: Holiday Hangovers!**
e’s BAR – Uptown West
Monday Game Nights, 7pm
**e’s BAR will continue to have Tuesday Trivia!
We’re adding a Game Night to Mondays.
Come for: Drunken Spelling Bees,
Teams Against Humanity,
Board Game Battles, and
Themed Trivia Nights!**
Irish Whiskey Bar – Astoria
Mondays, 8pm
Hill Country BBQ Market – Midtown
Tuesdays, 6:30pm
**Live Band Karaoke starts at 8:30!**
Bar Uni – Greenpoint
Thursdays, 8pm
Bierocracy – LIC
Sunday Trivia, 6pm

Score Replacement Nights

Are you super close to qualifying for The King’s Cup II, but you just have one or two scores dragging you down? We are offering MULTIPLE Score Replacement Nights during Week 10, where your team can visit specific night listed below to replace a low score with a potentially higher one!

Here are the rules for attendance:

1.)  If your team’s score at any one of these SRNsis HIGHER than one of your scores from weeks 1-9, we will replace your lowest score.

2.) As well as your trivia team attending your regular night, you may attend as many Score Replacement Nights you want to throughout week 10.

3.) Please let us know by Friday, January 12th if you have used — or are planning to use — a visit as a Score Replacement Night (email: so that we can adequately adjust your team’s scores.

Score Replacement Night Schedule: 
Come to any of these bars this week to REPLACE your LOWEST score from Weeks 1 through 9:

Monday, January 8th: 
The Winslow
East Village – 7pm
Bill’s Bar and Burger
Downtown – 7pm

Tuesday, January 9th: 
Tonic East
Midtown – 7:30pm

Wednesday, January 10th: 
The Sandwich Bar
Astoria – 8pm

Thursday, January 11th: 
The Twenty Bar
Williamsburg – 8pm
Bohemian Hall & Beer Garden
Astoria – 8pm

Sunday, January 14th
Fawkner “Fawknerds” GameMasters
Boerum Hill – 7pm

If you have any questions regarding the SRNs throughout the week, please email us at

Current Standings 

Here is a list of Current Qualifiers — Through Week 9 — from our Seven Divisions. Keep in mind, this is very likely to change after Week 10.
**Quick note on teams names: We’re not prudes, and we LOVE what you come up with team names. We just don’t want this email to get flagged, so we’ve edited a couple team names just to make sure. Thanks for understanding!

Uptown West: 

1.) The Blue Shells

2.) Jim Stansel (He’s That Guy)

3.) Incredible HALK

4.) That’s Upsetting

5.) Wicked Smart

6.) Butt Stuff

Uptown East:

1.) Sinatra

2.) Rumble Ponies

3.) New York Spankees

4.) Butts?

5.) Hot For Teacher

6.) Michael J. Fox’s School of Penmanship


1.) Twerkin’ For The Weekend

2.) Demogorgonzola Dogs

3.) For A Good Time Call Amanda

4.) Que Sera Sierra

5.) Digital to Analog

6.) Carl!


1.) We Drink and We Know Things (The Belfry)

2.) Blue Collar Band

3.) Mayoneggs

4.) Erection Day Pullsters

5.) Gefilte Bitches

6.) Power Bottoms (Mama’s)

Queens North:

1.) …The Other White Cheese

2.) We Drink and We Know Things (Astoria Craft)

3.) Benchwarmers

4.) Top Queens!

5.) Leia Your Hans Off Me

6.) Liter-A-Cola

Queens South: 

1.) Wait! I Thought It Was Bingo Night!

2.) Christmas Comes Early…

3.) Partial Recall

4.) Let ‘Em Watch!

5.) Annexation of Puerto Rico

6.) Dichol?


1.) The Drunken Inquisition

2.) Trivia Newton John

3.) Two Broke Squirrels

4.) Trivia Schmivia!

5.) Draper’s Bitches!

6.) Pulaski’s Disciples

MANY of your scores are very close. To those of you in 7th or 8th place in your division, there is still a huge chance for you to qualify (keep an eye on them, 6th-placers!) It all just depends on if you take advantage of our Score Replacement Nights.

The King’s Cup II:

A Trivia Tournament of Champions

We will have updated Season 31 Final Scores EVERY NIGHT this week. Watch the Standings Page to keep updated!

January 15 – January 21 is a BYE week, so you will not be able to log in scores for Season 31.

Season 32 will begin Monday, January 22nd at all your regularly-scheduled Weekly bars.

The King’s Cup II will be on Sunday, January 21, 2018 from 4pm to 8pm at Bierocracy in Long Island City. Bierocracy will be shutting down just for us beginning at 4pm. They’ve got a great selection of beer, plus a full kitchen. Questions will begin at 5pm sharp and we are hoping to close the night out just before 8pm.

Sponsored by: Blue Point Brewing, Puffs: The Play, and Bierocracy. We will be giving out great prizes all night, in addition to prizes to the top teams!

Queens folk! If you live in Queens, we are launching Sunday Trivia Nights at Bierocracy very soon! Follow us on Facebook an Instagram for updates.

We will be sending out email invitations to The King’s Cup II Qualifying Teams throughout the week of January 15th. Pease make sure to respond in a timely manner so we can finalize head count.

Thank you so much, and Happy Trivia!

The NYC Trivia League Team