Season 39, Week 1

Week One

Season 39

Season 39 begins today, September 16th and run for 14 Weeks all the way until December 22nd. The King’s Cup X will be on Sunday, January 5th, 2020.

If you have registered with us in the past and want to play during Season 39, please re-register in person at one of our NYC Trivia League venues OR online at

NYC Trivia League has 75+ weekly trivia nights, seven days a week! To see all our full listing of bars, CLICK HERE.

How Does The League Work?

You can play at any of our venues for FREE, and it’s also free to join our league. All we need is your email address and a team captain’s name, and we’ll do the rest. We track your scores from week to week, and you compete against every other league team registered in the city.

As a league team, you can join us at ANY of our venues in the span of a week to grab that week’s league score for your team’s standings. If you attend multiple nights in a single week, we will take your BEST score from that week. We encourage you to check as many venues as you want and find your “home bar,” or as a team, you can float around. Just make sure to tell the host that night that you’re a registered league team.

Your league score is a combination of how well you did at trivia on the night, combined with two other metrics: how many teams you beat and what place you came in. For a full description of how league scoring works, CLICK HERE.

We also offer an array of bonus points that you can receive during a given season: New Bar Bonus, Featured Bar Bonus, and the Instagram bonus. No team can accrue more than 100 bonus points during a given season.

After the season ends, the best teams from Season 39 will be invited to The Kings’ Cup X: Trivia Championship in January.

New Venues Coming Soon!

Milk & Hops Chelsea

Trivia Tuesdays, 7:00pm, Chelsea

**Coming TOMORROW, Tuesday, September 17th!**

A locally-owned craft beer bottle shop, gourmet food store, grilled cheese & sandwich shop and local watering hole all in one

Join us THIS Tuesday, September 17th for a 25-point New Bar Bonus that will be added to your Season 39 League Score Total! 

Transmitter Brewing

Trivia Wednesdays, 6:30pm, Brooklyn Navy Yard

Informal tasting room by a Long Island City-born craft brewery specializing in farmhouse ales

Join us again THIS WEEK, September 18th for a 25-point New Bar Bonus that will be added to your Season 39 League Score Total! 

123 Burger, Shot, Beer 125th Street

Trivia Wednesdays, 9:00-11:00, Harlem

**Coming Wednesday, October 2nd!**

Budget pub grub & brews are served at this bustling bar with TVs for watching sports

Join us Wednesday, October 2nd for a 25-point New Bar Bonus that will be added to your Season 39 League Score Total!