Beginning Season 31 With a Bang!

A Few Tips and Pointers

Hey Trivia Teams!

Cullen here with NYC Trivia League, I hope all of your weekends are off to a great start whether you’ve already had a super productive morning or are hungover and ready for brunch.
Thank you for participating in Season 31 of NYC Trivia League. This is already our biggest season yet and we have very ambitious goals for 2018. I won’t take too much of your time but wanted to point you to a few helpful bits of information to recap what this is all about.
Also, there is an opportunity to get bonus points this weekend (below in blue)
  • The Season will last for 10 weeks. Next week (week 3) will have a shortened schedule due to Thanksgiving and we likely won’t have many venues hosting trivia the last week of December (week8), but will keep you in the loop.
  • Kings Cup II – Season 31 will culminate at Kings Cup II on January 21st for the top teams in each division. Please save that date if you’d like to call yourself the best trivia team in NYC. We gave out  $1000 in cash and prizes and hope to bring in more sponsors and prizes for the 2nd championship
  • Facebook Link  — Instagram Link   We post about new bars, venue updates, and other information here. Take a moment and like/follow us. We don’t bite.
  • This is The Standings Page. We are working on a new website for 2018 that will go live during this current season. If you don’t see your name or if you are missing a score for one of the first two weeks, let me know.
  • What is this? For those new to all of this, you get points based on how many questions you get right, what place you finish in, and how many teams you beat (up to 15 teams). Teams that do well are either consistently 1 or 2 are a mid sized trivia night or consistently top 5 are a really busy trivia night.
  • This season we will take your best 7 weeks out of the 10. Since there are a lot of Holidays, we are changing this from our normal 8 or 9 week season. There are opportunities to make up for last weeks.
Some helpful keys to success:
1 –  Know what bars you can go to please check out this link and don’t be shy about giving the post a like. We just launched Tonic East in Murray Hill and will soon be adding Bearcat Cafe in Bushwick and Bills Burger and Beer in Meatpacking. If you have a contact at a bar that would benefit from NYC Trivia League, we’d love to add new locations. We also host holiday parties =)
2. Our weeks start on Monday and end on Sunday. Your can play twice in a week and we would take your highest league score. If you miss a week, you get a zero but again, we take your best 7 weeks.
3. Explore the city through trivia – Go up and eat some awesome fried chicken at Streetbird in Harlem or some Vietnamese at Bia in LIC. We have a ton of craft beer bars but also some East Village spots that are a little rough around the edges like Mamas and Durden. Go to Thanksgiving fest at The Well. Use us as an excuse to see your friends in other boroughs.
4. We have two venues tomorrow. Beer Culture in midtown at 6:00 is a weekly venue for us. They have a great beer list and fun vibe.
Every Sunday at Fawkner in Brooklyn is Fawknerds Night at 7:00. We do Drunken Spelling Bee, Board Games, Jigsaw Puzzle Races, and every third Sunday is Trivia night. If you come out this Sunday at 7:00, it can count as your week 2 score BUT if you already have a week 2 score, it can replace your week 1 score even if it is a zero. 
This is an opportunity for teams to get caught up early so we can have a really competitive and fun season.
If you are still reading all of this, thank you. Nobody likes reading the rules of a board game, they just want to play. Hopefully this was enough information to get you going for Season 31. Best of luck to all team!
Thanks again for joining the league!
Cullen & The NYC Trivia League Team