Mid-Season 31 Recap

It's Heating Up!

Hello, NYC Trivia League!

Thanks for coming out every week and playing with New York City’s largest live trivia competition. We are at the midway point of our biggest season yet, and things are really starting to heat up.


Score Replacement Nights

Like last season, we are offering score replacement nights. If your team has a score that you’d like to forget, come to one of these nights, and we’ll swap it out for you. You can use also Score Replacement Nights to replace a week that you missed!

This week’s Score Replacement Nights are:

Beer Culture, Midtown — Sunday, December 17 — 6pm

Fawkner, Brooklyn — Sunday, December 17 — 7pm

If you decide to join us, please let your host know which score you would like replaced.

As always, if you miss your regular night at your home bar, you can visit any of our bars to log a score for that week. Here is a link to our current Season 31 Venues.

Every Sunday at 7pm is Fawknerds GameMasters Night at Fawkner. We have Board Game Battles, Drunken Spelling Bees, Team Jigsaw Puzzle Races, and every third Sunday, we have a Themed Trivia Night. This week’s themed trivia night is Liam Neeson. Think you know Liam Neeson? Stop on by and prove it.

We will be rolling out more Game Nights in 2018, starting with Monday Game Nights at E’s Bar, starting January 22nd.

Facebook and Instagram

Week 8 — December 25th through December 31st — will most likely have some cancellations, but we are still expecting many bars to participate. We are committed to bringing you the most up-to-date information regarding new additions, changes, and cancellations. If you have not done so, please give us a like and a follow on Facebook and Instagram.

New Bars Added in Season 31

Tonic East – Midtown – Tuesdays 8pm
Bearcat – Williamsburg – Wednesdays 8pm
Off The Grid Pub & Grub – Harlem – Tuesdays 8pm
Durden Bar – East Village – Wednesdays 7:30pm

We will be adding five new bars in early 2018, most of them in Brooklyn. Exciting details to come!

Divisions and Standings

Here is the Division Breakdown for Season 31: Uptown West, Uptown East, Midtown, Downtown, Brooklyn, Queens North, and Queens South.

Due to the Holidays, Season 31 is 10 weeks, but we only taking your 7 best scores.

Here is our Standings Page. Each week’s standings are updated by the Monday of the following week. If you think there is a mistake, please email cullen@nyctrivialeague.com.

These are the current Top 10 Teams in each division, through Week Five:

Uptown West

1. Jim Stansel (He’s That Guy) – E’s Bar
2. The Blue Shells – Gebhards Beer Culture
3. Incredible Halk – Mess Hall
4. That’s Upsetting – The Parlour
5. Monday Booze – Streetbird
6. Why I Oughta – Gebhards Beer Culture
7. Butt Stuff – E’s Bar
8. Wicked Smart – Mess Hall
9. Harry Potter and the Stoned Philosophers – Grill on the Hill
10. The Third Rail – Gebhards Beer Culture

Uptown East

1. Sinatra – Rathbones
2. Penn State Sucks – Rathbones
3. Butts? – Rathbones
4. Always Maid Never Bride – Workshop
5. New York Spankees – The Jeffrey
6. Hot For Teacher – Workshop
7. I Thought This Was Speeddating – Rathbones
8. Rathbonable Bitches – Rathbones
9. Michael J. Fox’s School of Penmanship – The Rochard
10. Things That End In Amburger – Sutton Bar Room


1. Twerkin’ For The Weekend – House of Brews
2. For A Good Time, Call Amanda – Flatiron Hall
3. Demogorgonzola Dogs – New York Beer Company
4. Que Sera Sierra – Captains Bar & Grille (formerly Nelly Spillane’s)
5. We Came Last! – House of Brews
6. Digital to Analog – Social Bar
7. The Harvey Wiener Stains – Flatiron Hall
8. Walker, Texas Power Ranger – House of Brews
9. Black Flowers – New York Beer Company
10. Tony the Pony – Mercury Bar


1. Blue Collar Band – The Belfry
2. We Drink and We Know Things – The Belfry
3. Mayoneggs – East Village Social
4. Erection Day Pollsters – East Village Social
5. Thundercats – Fools Gold
6. Bjork Chops and Apple Sauce – Winslow
7. Power Bottoms – Mama’s
8. Lymphomaniacs – Durden Bar
9. Carebear Assassins – Fools Gold
10. Dumpster’s Children – The Belfry


1. The Drunken Inquisition – Fawkner
2. Trivia Newton John – Fawkner
3. Two Broke Squirrels – Fawkner
4. Trivia Schmivia! – Fawkner
5. Quizzie Quizzie Quizzie, Oi Oi Oi! – Fawkner
6. Draper’s Bitches – Emblem
7. Team Baby Dick – Fawkner
8. In Third Place – The Brew Inn
9. So It’s Decided Then – Fawkner
10. North Korean Civil Liberties Union – Fawkner

Queens North

1. Smegma, The Other White Cheese – Astoria Craft
2. We Drink and We Know Things – Halsey’s
3. Benchwarmers – William Hallet
4. Leia Your Hans Off Me – Astoria Craft
5. OQuizzia Newton John – Olivers
6. Liter-A-Cola – Olivers
7. Top Queens! – William Hallet
8. My Halloweenie is Fun Size! – Astoria Craft
9. They’re With Stupid – Olivers
10. I Have The Best Answers… – Olivers

Queens South

1. Wait! I Thought It Was Bingo Night! – AleWife
2. Birthday Slurpee – AleWife
3. Partial Recall – Sunswick
4. Christmas Comes Early and So Do We – AleWife
5. Let ‘Em Watch – Exo Cafe
6. Dichol? – Bia
7. Books Are Better Than People – Exo Cafe
8. Annexation of Puerto Rico – Raven’s Head
9. Lobster Knife Fight – Sunswick
10. Team Not a Moron – Raven’s Head

There is still plenty of play left in Season 31! The top 6 spots are always in flux until the end of week 10.

NYC Bowling League

Do you love bowling, but wish there was a league? Our sister organization NYC Bowling League is entering their 4th season (oh to be so young!). They have a super fun Monday Night League in Midtown that starts in January. You can sign up here.

And, as a thank you for being in the league, you can use code TRIVIABOWL18 to save 15% on your registration fee.

Thank you so much for coming out every week and playing with us! We all are looking forward to seeing you the rest of Season 31, and beyond.

Happy Holidays and Happy Trivia!

The NYC Trivia League Team